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Step 1: Enter the Information about the Vehicle/Boat and the Owner

If you have a question, read the FAQs.

Vehicle/Boat Information  
If you need help, refer to the sample documents.
 Vehicle Boat Type: Select the type, a motor vehicle or a boat.

Vehicle/Hull Identification Number:
Enter numbers and letters only. Do not enter spaces.
Vehicle/Hull Identification Number (VIN/HIN): For vehicles, a vehicle identification number (VIN) does not include the letter "I", "O", or "Q". If a character in your VIN appears similar to the letter "I", enter the number one (1). If a character in your VIN appears similar to the letter "O" or the letter "Q", enter the number zero (0).

The above limitations do not apply to the hull identification number (HIN) on a boat. A HIN can contain the letter "I" or "O" or "Q".

Model Year of the Vehicle/Boat (yyyy):
Make sure that you enter all four digits of the year.
Model Year of the Vehicle/Boat: NYS issues title certificates for vehicles with model year 1973 or newer, and for boats that are 14 feet or more in length with a model year of 1987 or newer. If your vehicle or boat has an older model year, there is no title certificate. Read about proofs of ownership for older vehicles and boats.

Make of the Vehicle/Boat:
Enter five characters or less.
Make of the Vehicle/Boat: Refer to the registration document or the previous title certificate. Enter a maximum of five letters for the make of the vehicle or boat (for example: GMC, SAAB or CHEVR), or four letters separated by one slash mark (for example, HA/DA for Harley Davidson). Do not include numbers, spaces, or any punctuation marks except a slash mark.
Vehicle/Boat Owner Information  
Note: You cannot enter a change of name during an online transaction. The DMV web site has the instructions to apply to change your name on DMV documents and records.

Note: The primary owner is the person whose name is the first name listed on the title certificate. If the title certificate lists more than one owner, enter the information about the primary owner. If the name of the person that is displayed on the registration is different from the name of the person that is displayed on the title certificate, enter the information about the primary owner.

A Person or Persons

If the Owner is a Person or Persons:
Date of Birth (mmddyyyy):
Enter numbers only (eight digits). Do not enter spaces or punctuation marks. For example, enter the date of May 2, 1964 like this: 05021964.
Select "A Person or Persons", and then enter the eight digits of the date of birth (mmddyyyy) of the primary owner.

Your date of birth is only used to verify your identity. Read the DMV Privacy and Security Statement.

Or Or

A Business

If the Owner is a Business:
First Three Characters of the Business Name:
Refer to the instructions for businesses that appear at the right side of this page.
Select "A Business", and then enter the first three letters of the business name. Enter the first three characters of the name that is displayed on the original title certificate. If the registration and the title certificate display the same name, refer to the registration documents to get the correct spelling of the business name.

Do not enter spaces. If there is a space included in the first three characters of the business name, enter a semi-colon (;) instead of the space. For example, enter the business name of A TRUCK CO like this: A;T.

Do not enter punctuation marks or special characters unless the characters are displayed on the registration document or on the original title certificate. For example, enter the business name of A&B TRUCKS like this: A&B.

Verification of Mailing Address  

Note: You cannot use this transaction if the address on the DMV title certificate and vehicle/boat registration records does not match your current mailing address. The DMV sends your duplicate title certificate to the address listed on the DMV registration and title certificate records. The US Postal Service (USPS) can have your new address and an order to forward mail, but there is no guarantee that the USPS will forward your duplicate title certificate. If your address has changed, you must apply for a duplicate title certificate at a local DMV office or by mail.

Current ZIP Code:
Enter 5 digits. The address must be in the US.
Current ZIP Code. Enter the ZIP code of your current mailing address. The DMV compares this ZIP Code with the zip code that is listed on your DMV vehicle/boat record at the time of this order.

You cannot order a duplicate title certificate online if:

  • the ZIP Code that you enter does not match the ZIP Code on your DMV vehicle/boat record, or
  • you have the same ZIP Code, but your address changed, or
  • you do not have a US ZIP Code.

You cannot:

  • change your address during the online order, or
  • change your address after the online order and then receive your document at the new address, or
  • order a duplicate title certificate online and then request that the DMV mail your document to a different address.
Email Address  
Your Email address:
The maximum length is 45 characters.
Your Email Address.  The DMV will send you a confirmation of this transaction by email. Enter a valid email address that will not block an email from DMV.

Your email program must be able to receive email from addresses that include the domain:

If you need help, see the information about email addresses.

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