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Step 1:  Choose Your New Plate Type

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Professional Sports

Tourism / Regions of New York / I LOVE NY

Organizations / Causes

Birthplace of Baseball


  Instructions for Step 1:

For comprehensive instructions, see:
Custom Plates FAQs.

Choose one of the following plate types, then press the "Next" button to continue:

   Professional Sports:
Plates with the emblems of major and minor league sports teams and associations.
   Tourism / Regions of New York / I LOVE NY:
Plates celebrating the regional diversity and beauty of our state.
   Organizations / Causes:
Plates representing various associations, social causes and civic groups, including colleges and collegiate sports.
   Birthplace of Baseball:
Plates celebrating the origins of our National pastime.

Please Note! - Some plate designs are not available for online look up and ordering.
This includes plates requiring proof of professional licensing or membership in an association, or which must be ordered directly from the sponsoring group.

Visit our Custom Plate Gallery to see sample images of all custom plates, along with pricing, availability and ordering information. Plates with an "order" button may be purchased online...just press the button to start your order.

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