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Step 4:  Choose Your Plate Number

Plate Type Category Design (icon: checkmark)Plate Number

Do you want a "personalized" or an "assigned" plate?

Personalized Plate -- Enter your own combination.

New plate number (2 to 6 characters - letters, numbers and spaces only):
    Need help?

- or -

Assigned Plate -- DMV will assign you a plate number.



  Instructions for Step 4:

Choose a plate number. You can enter your own combination or let us decide, as follows:

  • Personalized plate - Enter a valid plate number from 2 to 6 characters long. There is an extra fee for personalizing your plate.

  • Assigned plate - If you choose not to personalize your plate, DMV will assign you a standard plate number when you order.

After making your selection, press the "Look Up This Plate" button.

If your plate is available to request, you will see a sample, and you will be given the option to order it online.

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What can I use for my plate number?

Number of positions - Your plate number can be from 2 to 6 characters long, including spaces.

Valid characters - You may use only the following characters in your plate number:

  • letters, A through Z
  • numbers, 0 through 9
  • spaces.

DO NOT include any symbols or punctuation, such as hyphens, commas, periods or dollar signs.

Use of spaces - Spaces may be used to control the placement or grouping of characters on your plate (for example, 'MY PL8'). However, each space you include will count toward the total length of your plate number.

Prohibited combinations - Avoid combinations using three letters followed by three numbers, or three numbers followed by three letters, such as 'ABC123' and '123ABC'. These plate series are reserved by DMV, and are not available as personalized plates.

If you decide to request a combination, you must explain the reason for your request and explain what the combination means or what the combination represents. The DMV reviews requested combinations and is not required to issue a combination you request. You can read the DMV regulations for restrictions on personalized plate combinations.

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