TVB Traffic Ticket Appeal

Use this transaction to appeal a DMV Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) determination or to view the status of an appeal. At the end of this transaction you will get an Appeal Access number, which you can use later to update your information. Learn more about how to appeal a TVB ticket conviction. Opens new window

Please Note:

  • The fee to file this appeal is $10.00.
  • When you submit your appeal information in this transaction, it does not mean DMV accepted your appeal. The DMV Appeals Board must determine that your appeal meets legal requirements. The Board will send you a letter with the status of your online submission.
  • Return to this transaction to check the status of an appeal previously filed or to update information.
  • A businesss or organization must know the DMV ID Number assigned to them to file an appeal online.
  • To file an appeal by mail or if you received a denial of your application, review how to appeal a TVB ticket conviction Opens new window to learn more.

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