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Use this transaction to search for and order a license plate with a personalized number for a passenger or commercial vehicle (including trailers) or motorcycle.
Personalized plates have a combination of numbers and letters that you select. If the combination you want is available, you can order the plate. You will need to pay a personalized plate fee that is in addition to your regular vehicle registration fee. Learn more about personalized plates Opens new window or check your plate mailing status Opens new window after placing an order.

Please Note:

  • Passenger or Commercial Plates
    • Enter 2 to 8 characters.
    • The state image is allowed.
    • Use @ to indicate Small blue image of New York State.
  • Motorcycle Plates
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    • The state image is not allowed.
    • If you have taken your motorcycle off the road, you will not be able to order a plate until you re-register it.

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