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Look Up And Order Personalized Plates

Step 1:  Choose Your New Plate

Which type of plate do you need?


Enter a personalized plate combination:

New plate number:
Use only letters, numbers, spaces, @ sign for state image.
Your entry will be centered on the plate.

   What can I use for my plate number?



  Instructions for Step 1:

For comprehensive instructions, see:
Personalized Plates FAQs.

Select the type of plate to match your vehicle type. Then enter a personalized plate combination using up to 6 or 8 characters, including spaces and/or a state image Small blue image of New York State, if eligible:

  • Passenger or Commercial -
    Enter from 2 to 8 characters.

  • Motorcycle -
    Enter from 2 to 6 characters.
    State image NOT allowed.

    Note! - If you have taken your motorcycle off the road, you will not be able to order a plate until you re-register it.

When you are ready, select the "Look Up This Plate" button.

If your combination is available to request, you will see a picture of your plate, and you will be given the option to order it online.

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What can I use for my plate number?

Valid characters - You may use only the following characters in your plate number:

  • letters, A through Z
  • numbers, 0 through 9
  • spaces
  • at sign, @, for state image Small blue image of New York State (Passenger and Commercial plates only)

Except for the 'at' sign, DO NOT include any symbols or punctuation, such as hyphens, commas, periods or dollar signs.

State image ( @ for Small blue image of New York State ) - You may add a state image only if you are getting a Passenger or Commercial plate with fewer than 8 characters, including spaces. Insert an 'at' sign, @, where you want the image to appear. You can have only one state image, and it cannot be the first or last character on your plate. The image will count as one character. See examples... with pictures.

Use of spaces - Spaces may be used to control the placement or grouping of characters on your plate (for example, 'GO 4 IT'). Use the spacebar to insert a space. Each space you include will count toward the total length of your plate number.

Prohibited combinations - Avoid combinations using three letters followed by four numbers, or five numbers followed by two letters, such as 'ABC1234' and '12345AB'. These plate series are reserved by DMV, and are not available as personalized plates.

The DMV reviews requested personalized plate combinations. The DMV is not required to issue a requested plate. You can read the DMV regulations for restrictions on personalized plate combinations.

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