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Access Previously Purchased Reports - Enter Report Confirmation Number

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If you purchased accident reports online within the last seven calendar days, you can access the reports again. Enter the Report Confirmation Number displayed during the report purchase transaction (do not enter the Search Confirmation Number). Then, enter the email address you entered during the previous transaction. No fee is charged to access the reports you purchased previously.

When you are done, select the button below that displays the word "Continue."

If it has been more than seven calendar days since the date of the original transaction to purchase accident reports online, you cannot access the reports here. You must use the transaction again and pay new search and report fees.

You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader® installed on your computer to view, print and save the accident reports you request. The latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader® is free at the Adobe web site.

Information to Access Your Reports  

Enter the Transaction Date and Report Transaction Number from your earlier online "Order and Access Motor Vehicle Accident Reports" transaction. (Do not enter the Search Transaction Number.)

Enter the Transaction Date in this format: yyyymmdd.
(Example: 20140531 for May 31, 2014)

Enter the 7-digit Transaction Number.

Your Email Address  
Enter the same email address you entered previously to access the reports.

If you need help, see the information about email addresses.

  The maximum is 45 characters.


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